The first step to understanding this is what is meant by 'software piracy'

This refers to the copying and use of the software outside the terms of its license.  That includes copying an application onto more computers than your license permits, hard disk loading of illegal copies downloading from the Internet from pirate sites.

TIPS for Software Compliance:

  Tip 1 Conduct a software audit
Use the free software guide available at
  Tip 2 Check the software license terms
Check the software terms and conditions or contact the software vendor
  Tip 3 Purchase the correct license
Consult with your software vendor on your usage and operating environment, before deciding on the software licensing applicable.
  Tip 4 BEWARE of second-hand software
If you purchase second-hand software, you would need to transfer the license to your name.  Beware too that some software license do not provide for this.
  Tip 5 Maintain a software register
As in accounting for Fixed Assets, maintain a software record with details as, number of license, license number/reference and which computers it is loaded on.
  Tip 6 Conduct regular audits
Appoint a software auditor to conduct spot checks and ensure that all software in each computer tally with the software register.
  Tip 7 Keep your software secure
Lock away all original software disks stops people from making illegal copies.
  Tip 8 Users education
Educate all staffs on software copyright and how to stay software compliant.
  Tip 9 Company policy
Let staff know on the Company's policy on software compliant and penalties on software infringement.
  Tip 10 Ask for help
If in doubt on software compliant issues, contact your software vendor.

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