As we have said in our brief introduction, we specialized in software reselling and distribution.  What makes us different from the others?

We are:

Focus in our business.  We are able to provide the best software solutions for your enterprise wide deployment.

Independent.  As we are not tied in with a handful of titles and we do not promote any one software only we have a freehand to provide the best software solutions for your enterprise.

Wide range of software.  With our wide network of principals and publishers, we can provide you with not only the common software, like Microsoft, Macromedia, Symantec, MacAfee, TrendMicro, Avast, Lotus, Borland, Corel, Grisoft, AutoDesk and Adobe, we are in a position to source for specialized software that are specific to your requirements and software that are not represented here.

Cost plus reseller.  You didn't read it wrong.  Our products prices are cost plus!  This would mean that with your tight budgets you would be able to afford to get the best software for your business at the most reasonable prices.  Contact us now for a no obligation quote!

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